Tatiana’s favorite line from each clone? [x]

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"Tat did an enormous amount of research, she met with various people in the transcommunity. This is the kind of person that Tat is: she grew her armpit hair for six weeks and was like, really excited about the fact that she was growing this gnarly armpit hair. Then, unfortunately the timing of the episode worked out that she had to attend the Golden Globes just prior to shooting the Tony stuff. She was trying to get an outfit for the Golden Globes that would cover her armpits, and then obviously in the end realized that that was impossible. She ended up having to shave her armpit hair. So that never made it onscreen, I think they faked it somehow."

John Fawcett talking about the look for Tony in Orphan Black 2x08 [x] (via tatianamaslanydaily)


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 1 [1/?]

Real scene vs Blooper.

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date a woman who is kind. date a woman who is talented. date a woman who who can rap. date a woman who can do improv. date a woman who can dance. date a woman who’s an actress. date a woman who can play 10 different characters. date a woman who is the lead of orphan black. it’s tatiana maslany. date tatiana maslany. 

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You believe that you will always feel that pain. And if it starts to slip away, you…you seek it out again, don’t you? You won’t let it kill you, but you won’t…kill yourself. 

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